Monthly Archives: March 2016

We've been in exile for a bit.
So here a couple late contributions to the site from anonymous randos


Think of all the great gifts you can give to scumbag prison officials and others whose
addresses are posted at

- You can call the electric company on their behalf in order to get their
electricity cut off...
- You can call the gas company on their behalf and tell them you have a gas leak
and need the gas cut off...
- You can get them visits from the cops at all hours of the night by calling police
as if you are a nameless neighbor on their block, claiming you heard arguing and gun
shots coming from their residence...
- You can order pizza on their behalf from the corporate pizza franchises local to
the scumbags, delivering pizzas at all hours of the night...
- You can call for ambulances on their behalf at all hours, claiming to be the
scumbag of that residence, and that you have slit your own wrists...
- You can send out mail from the scumbags' return addresses, threatening all
kinds of government officials, or claiming you have bomb-making recipes on your
computer, or claiming you have anthrax, or sending foot-itch powder from their
addresses to government offices...
- Know a way to “spam” others as if you are one of the scumbags? Rant to the
world about how Governor Kasich needs to be taken out just like bin Laden was, as if
you're one of those scumbags...
- Smear fake blood and hair on the front bumper of their car and call the cops to
report how you followed a drunk home from a hit-and-skip accident that struck a

If you know that the scumbag in question will be going away from a holiday, or if
you know their schedules and know when they won't be home, you can appropriate bills
from their mailboxes. With the info you get, like credit card numbers, the
possibilities are endless!

- Call a construction company on their behalf and give the credit card number, and
arrange for the company to pave the scumbags's entire yard while that scumbag
is away on vacation... thousands of square feet of expensive concrete! You're
- Use their credit cards to order exotic synthetic drugs from China and then call
crimestoppers to nab them...
- If they ever leave a car door or house door open, you can drop a bag of dope of
any variety and any size, then call crimestoppers...
- See about the process for going to the post office as a scumbag and putting in
a change of address to YOUR p.o. box, so you can get ALL of their mail and the info
contained there...

Styrofoam peanuts are excellent for cramming into vodka bottles to mix with gasoline
when making molotov cocktails. It makes an awesome napalm..