Here is the place where we’ll be dropping the names of those weak and feeble egomaniacs at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Feel free to leave further information in the comments.


Benita Pearson has recused herself from the case in which she designated s*** s*** as a unique security threat which has opened space legally for his further repression. So I suppose all you internet miscreants have achieved some level of success with your actions. HOWEVER, in the future we’re going to remove any doxes which include Judges and DAs as these could have adverse effects on prisoners. We know this is sad. Information wants to be free. They totally deserve it, but we’re doing this as accomplices and out of solidarity. Keep up the good work folks!

16 thoughts on “2. ODRC

      1. Anonymous

        Nicole Diane Carter (Nurse Practitioner at Ohio State Penitentiary)

        Treats prisoners like shit, denies necessary medication to prisoners without reason, all around sadistic fuckweasel.

        Last known address:
        211 HAMROCK DR
        CAMPBELL, OH 44405

        Nursing info:
        License #: 12666
        National Provider Identifier #: 1780938498


        More info on mental health issues that would interfere with her ability to provide care to inmates:
        “On September 24, 2012, the Ohio Board of Nursing ordered Ms. Carter to an examination pursuant to Section 4723.28(G) ORC (September 2012 Exam Order). Ms. Carter complied with the September 2012 Exam Order and was evaluated by Dr. Richard Friedell (Examiner) on December 18th, 2012. The Examiner provided a written report to the Board dated December 20th, 2012 (December 2012 Exam Report) diagnosing “Ms. Carter” with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Personality Disorder NOS.”

      2. Anonymous

        Roger D Wilson
        Chief Inspector ODRC/ Fuckweasel Extraordinaire
        Chief inspectors are supposed to make sure that the inmate grievance process is being follow “appropriately”. Apparently, to the ODRC this means making sure that inmates are silenced and assuring that they lose and that neither the needs nor the desires of inmates are met. This is the smallest possible way we can retaliate. Enjoy.

        Picture: http://www.drc.ohio.gov/Public/images/chief%20inspector_tab.jpg

        Unconfirmed Phone Number: 1-614-338-1415

        Home Address?: 3111 Briar Ridge Rd, Columbus, OH 43232, USA

        Ariel Picture Of House:

        Street Level Pictures of House:

        Recent Work History:

        Chief Inspector
        Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
        June 2014 – Present (1 year 2 months)

        Parole Administrator
        Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
        August 2004 – Present (11 years)


        West Virginia State University
        Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science, Political Science and Government, Criminal Justice
        1983 – 1988

    1. Anonymous

      Text for those of the more security conscious among us. Keep in mind however that face, house, and car pictures from the above document are excluded.

      Trevor M Clark, Legal
      Counsel for the Ohio
      Department of
      Rehabilitation and
      In the year 2014 Trevor
      made $92,568 at an
      hourly rate of $45.56.
      This guy may very well
      live at:
      4571 Nickerson Rd
      Columbus, oh, 43228
      Potential Lisence
      Plate #: 278XGZ
      Red Sedan

      James J Forshey
      Warden at Ohio State Penitentiary, as
      well as, president of the ohio
      association of wardens and
      superintendents. A warden of wardens
      in the state of ohio, if you will.
      2014 Salary: $89,561 Hourly: $42.39
      Adress: 36240 SIXTEEN RD S
      36240 S 16 TH RD
      Phone: 740 757 9217

      481 E TORRENCE RD OH
      Parcel: 010-058517-00
      Current Owner: GRAY STEPHEN C &

      Doctor James Death Kline
      This guy is total shit patty who neglects
      the medical needs of prisoners.
      Apperently, you gotta find him to see
      his face, because we hunted hard for
      pictures of this guy on the interwebz
      but no dice. So, if any ohioans would be
      so kind as to take a picture of this guy
      and post it on your super secret
      contacting us blog or anywhere at all
      you would be coooooool. the end.
      Private Practice in Struthers Ohio:
      (330) 856-5263
      581 5th St Struthers, OH 44471-1847
      Kline James M Associates Dr Inc
      I think James Kline lives at this
      900 Saint Andrews Place Ne
      Warren, OH 44484
      Parcel #: 28-901694
      Address: 900 SAINT ANDREWS
      Phone: (330) 755-1454
      Medical license info
      James Melvyn Kline
      Type: Individual
      Warren, Ohio
      Credential: 34.002425
      Salary Info:
      Name: kline, james melvyn
      Department: rehabilitation and
      Job Description: physician
      administrator 2
      gross wages: $199,684
      Hourly Rate: $96.15
      Dr. Kline is on the list of top 100
      highest paid Employees of the state of

      Gary C Mohr, 61
      Directer of the Ohio Department of
      Rehabilatation and Corrections.
      Prior to becoming director of the
      odrc mohr ran a private consulting firm
      call “mohr correctional insight, inc.”
      One of his major clients was
      Corrections Corperation of America.
      Home Phone:
      740 773 3485
      MOHR, GARY
      C & LINDA L
      221 ST. CLAIR
      DR Chillicothe,
      OH 45601
      owns this
      adress and the
      phone number
      is registered to
      him but I have trouble believing that
      someone who makes as much money as
      him lives in a condominium… This is an
      asset of his reguardless. This is the
      address which mohr correctional
      insight inc was liscenced under.
      other address
      Owner: Mohr Gary C & Carol Jean
      Adress: 841 Leeson Ave
      Van Wert Ohio 45891
      O.K. So I kinda dont think this
      address is his. Its an over two hour
      drive to columbus where, presumably,
      he sometimes works. Anyway, the
      website of the ohio department of
      corrections says hes a resident of
      chilicothe. I included it because perhaps
      he is a partial owner of one of his kids
      properties or something. I dunno.
      Otherwise I guess Im saying fuck
      anyone who even has the same name as
      this prison vulture scum.
      2014 Salary: $127,400 | Hourly: $61.25
      Benita Yalonda Pearson
      Benita has recused herself from the case in which she designated sean swain as a unique security threat which has paved the way to his further repression. Fuck the police, the judge and the DA. However doxing judges and DA’s can have adverse effects on prisoners so please refrain from this in the future.
      (born February
      1963) is a United States federal judge on the
      United States District Court for the Northern
      District of Ohio and formerly a United States
      magistrate judge on the same court.
      Born and raised in Cleveland,[1] Pearson
      earned a bachelors degree in accounting from
      Georgetown University in 1985 and then earned
      a law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall
      College of Law at Cleveland State University in
      From 1985 until 1992, Pearson worked
      for BP, first as a corporate accountant (1985
      1987) and then as a supervisor of retail
      marketing accounting (19871990) and then in
      retail sales (19901992).
      From 1992 until 1994, Pearson worked
      as a law clerk for a Cleveland law firm, and
      from 1995 until 1996, Pearson served as a
      litigation associate for a Cleveland law firm.
      From 1996 until 1998, Pearson served as a law
      clerk for United States District Court for the
      Northern District of Ohio Judge John Michael
      Manos.[2] From 1998 until 2000, Pearson
      served as a general litigation associate for Jones
      Day Reavis & Pogue in Cleveland.[2]
      From 2000 until 2008, Pearson served as
      an Assistant United States Attorney in
      In August 2008, Pearson became a
      United States magistrate judge for the United
      States District Court for the Northern District
      of Ohio.[2]
      In July 2009, Pearson was recommended
      to serve as a United States District Judge on
      the United States District Court for the
      Northern District of Ohio by both Ohio
      Senators, Democrat Sherrod Brown and
      Republican George Voinovich.[1] On December
      3, 2009, President Obama formally nominated
      Pearson to serve on the Northern District of
      Ohio.[2] Pearson was chosen to fill the seat
      vacated by Judge Peter C. Economus, who had
      taken senior status.[1]
      The United States Senate Committee on
      the Judiciary reported Pearsons nomination to
      the full Senate on February 11, 2010. Her
      nomination was confirmed by the Senate on
      December 21, 2010 by a vote of 56-39, with
      George Voinovich of Ohio casting the lone
      Republican aye vote.[3][4] She received her
      commission on December 27, 2010. She became
      the first African-American woman to hold a
      U.S. district judgeship in Ohio.[4][5]
      313 Thomas D. Lambros United States
      Federal Building and Courthouse
      125 Market Street
      Youngstown, Ohio 44503-1780
      Phone: (330) 884-7435
      Fax: (330) 884-7450
      Paul A Shoemaker
      … is another
      difficult person to find a picture of. Hes
      the Chief Inspector? For the ODRC? Hes
      at least some type of inspector for the
      parcel: C07-21-00-01-18-004-00
      owner: shoemaker paul a & sarah c J&S
      Address: 261 E Sandusky St
      Mechanicsburg, OH 43044
      Terry A Tibbals
      Tibbs here is the warden at London
      Correctional Institution. In the year
      2014 this sack of shit made $88,883 at
      an hourly rate of $42.39
      Potential Lisence Plate Numbers:
      EQ27BN gray or other lame color sedan
      GF?4729 Dark Red GMC Sierra
      (The question mark is either E,F, or 5)
      Address: 5076 Polar Dr, Lewis Center,
      OH, 43035

  1. Anonymous

    In the spirit of anyone whose ever been denied parole here are some infos about the odrc parole board. This is all copy and pasted from http://www.drc.ohio.gov/web/PBMembers.htm

    Current parole board members include:
    Andre Imbrogno
    Acting Chair

    Mr. Imbrogno was appointed to the Parole Board in July 2012. Most recently, from 2010 through 2012, he served as Staff Counsel for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Prior to serving as Department Staff Counsel, Mr. Imbrogno worked as a legislative liaison and policy analyst for the Ohio Judicial Conference. Previously, he was employed as an attorney with the Ohio Legislative Service Commission. Mr. Imbrogno began his legal career as a judicial law clerk with the Supreme Court of Ohio. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio and before the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. Mr. Imbrogno has a Bachelors and a Juris Doctorate degree.
    Kathleen Kovach

    Mrs. Kovach was appointed to the Parole Board in January 2003, as the Victim’s Representative. Mrs. Kovach comes to the Parole Board with 13 years of experience in crime victim services. She was employed for 11 years with the Victim Assistance Program in Summit County, serving three years as Assistant Director. In addition, Mrs. Kovach spent two years as the Director of Victim Services for the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office. She has a Bachelors and a Masters Degree.
    Ellen Venters

    Ms. Venters was appointed to the Ohio Parole Board in August 2004. Ms. Venters began her employment with the Department Of Rehabilitation and Correction in August 2000 as the Superintendent of Special Services with the Division of Parole and Community Services. She was formerly Executive Director of an alcohol and drug treatment facility for 5 years and has an additional 18 years of work experience in community corrections. Ms. Venters has a Bachelors and a Juris Doctorate Degree.
    R.F. Rauschenberg

    Mr. Rauschenberg was appointed to the Parole Board in January 2006. He was formerly a Budget Analyst for the Ohio Legislative Budget Office from 1986 to 1992 and the Research Coordinator for the Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission from 1992 to 2002. Most recently, Mr. Rauschenberg served as the Program Administrator for the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services where he focused on linking the criminal justice and addiction services systems, particularly for prisoners returning to the community. Mr. Rauschenberg has a Bachelors and Masters Degree.
    Trayce Thalheimer

    Ms. Thalheimer was appointed to the Parole Board in August 2009. She began employment with the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction as a Parole Officer in 1988, transferring to the Parole Board as Parole Officer in 1996. She was promoted to Parole Board Hearing Officer in 1998 and then to Chief Hearing Officer in 2002. Most recently, Ms. Thalheimer served as the Regional Administrator in the Cincinnati Region of the Adult Parole Authority. Ms. Thalheimer has over 20 years in public service including three years as a Police Officer prior to joining DRC. Ms. Thalheimer has a Bachelors Degree.
    Rich Cholar, Jr.

    Mr. Cholar was appointed to the Parole Board in March 2012. Most recently, from 2005 through 2012, he was a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Justice Section and served as the supervising attorney for the Corrections Litigation Unit. Prior to his service with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, he assisted in creating a juvenile parole board for the Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) and then served as a DYS parole board member from 1997 through 2005. In addition, he served as Assistant Legal Counsel for DYS from 1995 through 1997. Prior to his service with the state, he was in private practice. Mr. Cholar was admitted into the Ohio Bar in 1992 and he is also admitted in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit as well as in the U.S. District Court for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio. He has a Bachelors and Juris Doctorate Degree.

    Marc Houk

    Mr. Houk was appointed to the Parole Board in July 2012. He began employment with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction as a Correction Officer in 1987 and earned his way through the ranks holding various positions with distinction. Mr. Houk served as Warden for over 10 years at four facilities to include London Correctional Institution, Southeastern Correctional Institution, and Ohio State Penitentiary. Most recently, Mr. Houk served as Warden at Lorain Correctional Institution. Mr. Houk has a Bachelors Degree.
    Ron Nelson, Jr.

    Mr. Nelson was appointed to the Parole Board in July 2012. He is a corrections professional, who began his career with the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction as a Correction Officer in 1984. From there, Mr. Nelson served in a number of corrections leadership positions throughout the agency including, Bureau Chief, Assistant Bureau Chief, Deputy Warden and Warden’s Assistant. Most recently, Mr. Nelson served as a Program Administrator in the Bureau of Classification and Reception. Mr. Nelson has held positions at several DRC institutions during his career. Mr. Nelson has a Bachelors degree.
    Michael H. Jackson

    Michael H. Jackson has over 23 years in rehabilitation and correction experience. In 1991 prior to coming to the State of Ohio, Michael was employed as chemical dependency counselor at Talbert House, Inc. While employed with Talbert House, Michael earned his certification in chemical dependency counseling (CCDC I). In 1994, Michael joined the Adult Parole Authority as a Parole Officer in the State of Ohio and was later promoted to a Parole Unit Supervisor in the Akron Region of the Ohio Adult Parole Authority. In 2003 Michael was promoted to a Deputy Superintendent for the Ohio Adult Parole Authority. In 2009 Michael became the Regional Administrator for the Columbus Region of the Adult Parole Authority. In 2010 he was promoted to the position of Superintendent of the Adult Parole Authority. In 2012 Michael was appointed as a member of the Ohio Parole Board. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati majoring in Psychology.
    Alicia Handwerk

    Ms. Handwerk was appointed to the Parole Board in January 2013. She began her employment with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in the Interstate Compact section. After a number of years with the Bureau of Adult Detention, she began working in the Bureau of Community Sanctions in the halfway house section. Most recently, Ms. Handwerk was Chief of the Bureau of Community Sanctions, overseeing the administration of Community Based Correctional Facilities, Community Correction Act programs, halfway houses, Community Residential Centers, Permanent Supportive Housing, Residential Placement and the Transitional Control Program. She has a Bachelor’s and a Juris Doctorate degree.
    Shirley A. Smith

    Ms. Smith was appointed to the Parole Board in February 2015. Ms. Smith was a member of the Ohio State Senate from 2007 to November 2014 and served eight years in the Ohio House of Representatives. Ms. Smith served on a number of Senate Committees including her role as the Chairwoman of the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee. She has a combined 16 years in state government and has worked in the areas of prison reform, criminal justice and re-entry. Ms. Smith has a Bachelor Degree and attended the Kennedy School of Government program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government at Harvard University as a Fannie Mae Foundation Fellow.
    Former Parole Board Members Serving Between 1996 and 2015
    Name Start Date End Date
    Bedra, Slayman “Jim” 03/1996 09/2009
    Bogan, Bobby 08/2008 06/2012
    Brown, Victor 08/1998 01/2000
    Capots, Ray 09/1978 12/2002
    Collins-Taylor, Cathy 05/2010 06/2012
    Croft, Gary 10/2002 10/2005
    Davis, Peter 09/2001 06/2006
    Denton, Jay 06/1993 08/2001
    Echols, Walter 04/1994 12/1997
    Ghee, Margarette 05/1983 03/2002
    Gooch, H. Richard 03/1990 03/1996
    Grinner, Henry 01/1995 07/2002
    Hudson, William 10/1988 12/2002
    Jones, Gloria 03/1990 07/2002
    Karl, Olivia 02/2002 06/2004
    Mack, Sandra 01/1997 08/2009
    Martinez, Cheryl 10/2005 12/2005
    Maszczynski, Robert 10/2002 04/2011
    Mathews, Larry 01/1995 12/2001
    Mausser, Cynthia 12/2001 05/2015
    Milligan, Patrick 06/1998 06/2002
    Mitchell, Betty 03/2000 02/2007
    Torres, Jose 05/2010 06/2012
    Upper, Constance 08/1994 11/2001

    1. Anonymous

      The names of Parole board members have been posted but just their names
      and the information which is provided about them on the odrc website. If
      anyone would like to contact the parole board to express concern for the
      possibility of further information being posted about its members, current
      and past, the neccessary information is below.

      There are a variety of ways you may contact the Ohio Parole Board. The
      most common are through the following four options:

      Website: If you are interested in commenting in support of, or in
      opposition to, an inmate’s potential release, complete the form online
      and submit to the Ohio Parole Board for consideration at the inmate’s
      next scheduled hearing. Please note that any comments you submit will
      remain confidential and are not public record due to their use in the
      parole hearing process. The form is for comments only. You will not
      receive a reply. Click “Contact Us” to access the form.
      Regular Correspondence: Any correspondence seeking a response should
      be directed via U.S. Mail to the following address: Ohio Parole
      Board, 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222. Correspondence
      may also be faxed to 614-752-0600.
      Victim Conference Day: Registered victims of crime may request an
      in-person meeting with a Parole Board Member or a telephone conference
      with a Parole Board Member within 60 days of an inmate’s next
      scheduled hearing with the Parole Board. For more information about
      Victim Conference Day, please contact the Office of Victim Services at
      614-728-1976 or toll-free at 1-888-VICTIM4 (1-888-842-8464) or click
      Office of Victim Services to view additional information.
      Offender Conference Day: Family or other interested parties who wish
      to speak with the Parole Board in support of an inmate’s release, may
      request an in-person meeting or a telephone conference with a Parole
      Board Member within 60 days of an inmate’s next scheduled hearing with
      the Parole Board. Please contact the Ohio Parole Board at
      614-752-1200 or toll-free at 1-888-344-1441.

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