We've been in exile for a bit.
So here a couple late contributions to the site from anonymous randos


Think of all the great gifts you can give to scumbag prison officials and others whose
addresses are posted at blastblog.noblogs.org:

- You can call the electric company on their behalf in order to get their
electricity cut off...
- You can call the gas company on their behalf and tell them you have a gas leak
and need the gas cut off...
- You can get them visits from the cops at all hours of the night by calling police
as if you are a nameless neighbor on their block, claiming you heard arguing and gun
shots coming from their residence...
- You can order pizza on their behalf from the corporate pizza franchises local to
the scumbags, delivering pizzas at all hours of the night...
- You can call for ambulances on their behalf at all hours, claiming to be the
scumbag of that residence, and that you have slit your own wrists...
- You can send out mail from the scumbags' return addresses, threatening all
kinds of government officials, or claiming you have bomb-making recipes on your
computer, or claiming you have anthrax, or sending foot-itch powder from their
addresses to government offices...
- Know a way to “spam” others as if you are one of the scumbags? Rant to the
world about how Governor Kasich needs to be taken out just like bin Laden was, as if
you're one of those scumbags...
- Smear fake blood and hair on the front bumper of their car and call the cops to
report how you followed a drunk home from a hit-and-skip accident that struck a

If you know that the scumbag in question will be going away from a holiday, or if
you know their schedules and know when they won't be home, you can appropriate bills
from their mailboxes. With the info you get, like credit card numbers, the
possibilities are endless!

- Call a construction company on their behalf and give the credit card number, and
arrange for the company to pave the scumbags's entire yard while that scumbag
is away on vacation... thousands of square feet of expensive concrete! You're
- Use their credit cards to order exotic synthetic drugs from China and then call
crimestoppers to nab them...
- If they ever leave a car door or house door open, you can drop a bag of dope of
any variety and any size, then call crimestoppers...
- See about the process for going to the post office as a scumbag and putting in
a change of address to YOUR p.o. box, so you can get ALL of their mail and the info
contained there...

Styrofoam peanuts are excellent for cramming into vodka bottles to mix with gasoline
when making molotov cocktails. It makes an awesome napalm..


Communique #1

It’s been an exciting few months over here in the battlefield of the blogosphere. We’ve had infos dropped about the home addresses of various public officials, prison employees, and even profiteering CEO’s (Shout out to Ryan Shapiro!) Our presence has caused some squirming on all sides. We thinks that it is completely paramount to ask ourselves why. Why would people who claim to desire the destruction of the prison system and capitalism be uncomfortable with doxing the people who have been doxed on our site? Why would people who seem so secure in their power and moral righteousness feel threatened by the presence of their home addresses on our website? Posted by bona fide punk ass trolls no less? Why would anarchists and jailers share the same opinions? Most importantly: What side are you on?

The purpose of this communique, however, is not to prod you about how hardline – or how liberal(HA!) – you are or aren’t. No, the purpose of this is to inform you and invite you to participate in a new offensive we’ve heard murmurs about. It seems that certain elements of the internet, ourselves included, think that there’s been a bit of lull in activity on our blog. This is a little dangerous when one considers the low intensity standoff happening between some of anons who like to pay visits to us and the ohio department of rehabilitations and corrections.(see: http://seanswain.org/prisons-drones-and-blastblog/ and http://seanswain.org/sean-requesting-support/ ) We, and some other treacherous trolls, think we need to keep our hand strong and make sure the odrc and various other institutions feel our pressure.

On the hitlist are some people whose names have been dropped on our site but emblishments have been nill. These include various pigs of the alabama department of corrections, members of the ohio parole board(important!), and staff at fmc carswell (maybe you should do that at a more strategic time). The list of potential targets doesn’t stop there. Lets not forget the hunger strike that just happened at menard. Recent updates from the strike have mentioned Warden Butler but not the names of other correctional officers and lieutenants whose names were certainly dropped somewhere sometime and whose information is as available as everyone else’s. They deserve it and you know it. Beyond that the possibilities are endless. Have at it.

We’re calling this the “Lulz Not Lulls Dox Campaign” and we understand the intention of the trolls who brought this to our attention is to participate in and incite a protracted doxing rampage over the course of the next month. So, if you got no dox juice get ready to pull out the popcorn. If your computer is your weapon, get to it. We’ll be seein’ ya at the flagpole!

-Blast Blog Brigade, 3BS

Face it, you’re fucked.

Blast blog has begun! Shiver in your boots fuckweasels. You may take down this site, but another will always promptly spring from the depths of a giant pool of discontented individuals with access to computers. Face it, your fucked. You can’t kill the internet. For you, its a job. For us, it’s freedom or death. We’ll be seein you at the flagpole motherfuckerz!

This blog will be a designated place for people to expose the individuals who turn the daily gears of systematic abuse within the prison system. As they are simply another arm on the body of the law, they seem to have the same attitude as the cops. The attitude which we’re referring to is that of a hardened mobster who is certain they run the streets, that they can get away with anything, and that they are untouchable. We are delighted to inform every human tool of the legal system and the social order which they protect that the fact is they are simply made of flesh and bone like the rest of us. No one is untouchable, ourselves included. The battlefield is everywhere and the killing field is where you stand.

With the stakes so high, how could we do anything less than talk heavy shit to the people who torture our imprisoned comrades? While our rhetoric may be fierce, this is only a god damn blog. This is only information which exists in the world and has been gathered in one place. We’re speaking from our hearts with nothing less than the passion of dyed in wool rebels; But remember, comrades, talk is cheap.